Sports Affairs flooring
First and foremost Gerflor Taraflex vinyl based solution was chosen simply because it exceeds the standards of both FIFA and IBF, in all aspects. Safety, friction, resilience, playability, shock absorption, hygiene (bacteria preventing), brightness, visibility and a fundamentally easy maintenance with high durability all are the hallmarks of this industry-leading flooring.

Gerflor adheres to international green building indexes in terms of emissions, material usage and it is 100% recyclable. All Gerflor sites are ISO 14001 certified. The choice was simple and it has proven to be beyond effective.


  • Clean & spacious shower and changing rooms.
  • Lightweight gym.
  • Ample car park.
  • 24 hr security and surveillance.
  • Beverage & Light snacks counter.
  • Pro-shop.
  • Large Lounge Area with big screen projector.
  • Wireless internet.


The experience and exuberance of playing badminton on courts that are designed for a singular purpose: to give you the confidence to rationalize and compete on a higher-level day in and day out.

Lighting: Optimally lit to reflect off the feathers of the shuttle, glare reduction and non-reflective backgrounds.

Flooring: Gerflor Taraflex 5.0 enhancing coefficient of friction, shock absorption, energy return and light absorption.

Space: Courts are specifically laid out with enough space between them to reduce distractions, reflections and general interference from neighboring courts.

Ventilation: Ideally laid out around the perimeters of the courts, the ventilation vents allow for a fresh atmosphere without any interference to the shuttle flight.

Spectators: Long benches are spread at both ends of the courts; spaced out accurately to avoid game interference, yet enhance the spectator appreciation of the game.