With its aptly titled tagline, “Unleash Your Passion”, Sports Affairs was created as a sporting venue that provides world-class facilities while nurturing and developing athletes and untapped talents; providing everyone with the opportunity to participate in a range of sports at all levels of ability.

Our flagship outlet located in Taman Segar Perdana, Cheras is equipped with the best sporting facilities and services that adhere to these guiding principles: 

  • World class standard
  • Safety
  • High on value
  • Enabling progress & development
  • Respect for environment


Competition brings forth the motivation to fine tune and enhances our capability to synch physical responses to be measured, graceful and an intense reflection of the human prowess to outdo itself day in and day out.

This is the spirit that drives us, a challenge we put out there for others to try and take us on.



Providing world-class sporting facilities and programs in all our outlets; bringing together athletes and sports enthusiasts to develop, train, nurture and evolve the human sporting potential.



To be the premier provider of sports clubs throughout the region; setting the standard for quality of facilities, sporting activities and developmental programs that put a fulcrum on sporting excellence and achievement for all.





  • Sports facility construction and development.
  • Sports facility management.
  • Events & tournament management.
  • Club & Team management.
  • Sports equipment supply and installation.
  • Sports technology and performance measurement.
  • Sports clinics and performance development .
  • Specialized outreach programs.



Sports Affairs is happy to welcome any sporting and lifestyle brands to develop the more tangible relationship with their target markets. The layout and design of our centre have been strategically designed to provide an ideal brand-building atmosphere. Partner brands will journey with us throughout our marketing campaigns as well as have the opportunity to leverage off our facilities and new markets. Feel free to contact us for ideas on how to grow your brand with us.
Sports Affairs is still looking for corporate support and collaborative opportunities. The involvement of the private sector or professional bodies will help strengthen the local and regional demand for badminton and futsal development while also realising a more vibrant future for the sport in the country. Come and be part of the force that helps to elevate the sports to the next level.




Sports Affairs is avidly looking to expand and play a major role in the evolution of Sports Centers and aspiring athletes. Thus, we are constantly on the lookout to expand our scope of services, expertise, and locations, through various working models which include joint ventures, alliances, and partnerships.

We seek those who share the similar drive to excel and adhere to our vision of allowing all who walk through our doors to have an unrivaled venue to truly “unleash your passion”.